Regulatory Reporting

We provide software licenses from the most established vendors in the market. We offer both SaaS solutions and enterprise installations. Services can also be added to the package giving you as a customer a complete and competitive offer.


We offer actuarial software suitable for both small and large customers through our partners. We have chosen to partner with the, in our view, most suitable products in the market given a certain segment. The requirements and needs are very different depending on company size and type of business. We understand that and offer you cost efficient solutions suitable to you.

Risk Management

A robust and flexible risk management system is crucial for any business in the financial industry today. We offer great alternatives for banks and asset management.


Do you have a need for software that are great for analytics and statistics? We offer both great solutions and services.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Having a robust framework around governance is very important for any bank or insurance company. Not the least from a regulatory perspective. After running procurement processes within this space for years we know which vendors we believe are the most suitable for each different segment. These are the ones we are partnering with, carefully chosen in order to offer you a great customer experience.