Insurance & Pension

Risk Management

We provide experienced risk management consultants and services. We are working with banks and insurance companies all over the region.

Actuarial Services

Actuarial services is one of our largest business areas. We provide services within life and non-life insurance, covering all typical insurance products and risks.

Regulatory Compliance

The regulatory environment is challenging and always changing. Our experience span from delivering regulatory projects at some of the region’s largest companies to delivering cost efficient solutions to smaller businesses.


We provide outsourcing services for risk functions, actuarial functions and regulatory reporting.


We provide a broad spectrum of interim services where our most experienced consultants fill in as CRO, Head of Credit Risk and similar roles.

System Implementations

Our team of risk & regulatory experts, system actuaries, technical consultants and project leaders provide services for implementations of software.

Project Management

Our project management team consists of highly experienced and industry specific project leaders. We have experience of running regulatory projects, IT-implementations, risk related projects, etc.